Replicate Ministries 

Equipping the local church to make disciples who make disciple-makers.

Replicate Roadmap

Wherever you are in the disciple-making journey, we want to help you take your next step!

Discipleship Blueprint

The Blueprint lays the foundation for your disciple-making movement. These training will give you everything you need to begin building a vibrant and sustainable church. 


Replicate Network

The Replicate Network connects like-minded church leaders together and provides practical training that helps you put disciple-making principles into practice as you lead your disciple-making movement. 

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Launching Your Discipleship Pathway

In this Masterclass, Robby will be your personal coach to help you create a Discipleship Pathway that is unique to your church. The sessions will help you assess your discipleship culture and strategy, design your personal Discipleship Pathway, and begin to implement your discipleship strategy.

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Coaching & Consulting

Leading a disciplemaking movement can be difficult. There are certain situations where you need personalized coaching to navigate your context. It's in these moment of your disciple-making journey, that our team will be your personal travel guide as we step into your world and help you navigate every situation. Whether you are just starting your journey or you are stuck, we want to help. 

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Blueprint 2.0

You've created a Discipleship Pathway, launched discipleship groups and created a discipleship culture in your what?

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